Rockin’ The Suburbs

{June 25, 2007}   July 25, 2007

Nutrition today was so-so.  I didn’t keep track.  I don’t feel I overate, but what I ate was not standard diet fare.  So… in all likelyhood, I did overeat, calorie-wise.

Worked out tonight at the gym.  Started with 20 mins of cycling intervals, working hill sprints — but I can’t really call them sprints as my quads were on FIRE and I wasn’t up to speed.  The important thing is that I was working hard and my heart rate was elevated, I guess.  And then I did a “buttercup” workout.  Max sets in 10 mins (instead of 20 mins) of 2 pull ups, 4 push ups, 6 squats.  Pull ups were assisted at 100lbs and squats were without any weight.

So, any easy workout in all… but I’m realizing that I’m going to have to go slowly after the past week I’ve had with back and foot injuries/inflammation.  The treadmill is banned for the next few weeks, at least.   So, I’ll be cycling and using the eliptical trainer at the gym until things get feeling better.


{June 16, 2007}   Feet.

Last year I purchased some orthotic supports which have mostly sat in my drawer since.  I have long had fallen arches which make my ankles turn inward and put a good deal of pressure on the balls of my feet and my big toes.   Most of the time I don’t notice it.  But, once I started my sprint training — any kind of running, really — it became a problem.

So, this week I popped those puppies into my shoes.  I’ve been told there is a “Breaking In” period where I can expect some pain and discomfort as my feet get used to using and relying on different muscles.  So far it’s not been too bad, definitely not any worse than it was with my sore toes and whatnot beforehand.  But, I have noticed a huge difference in my running form.   My feet just feel so much more solid.  Different muscles in my calves are engaging — previously I fatigued my shins before my calves — and my knee “twinges” are gone.

I can feel immediately when my foot attempts to roll over into it’s previous position as a sharp pain stabs the ball of my foot.  Ouch.

All in all, I’ll keep using the orthotics and see if it helps improve things overall.  I’m interested to observe any other changes that may occur.

{June 15, 2007}   Back On Track

Well, here it is. A month and a half later and to be blunt about it… I’ve failed. I’m finally at a place that I can acknowledge this without attaching a judgement to it. I simply gave up.

These past weeks have been full of thoughts and dissections and rants. I’ve analyzed and poked and prodded. I’ve been disgusted and frankly pissed right off at myself. None of these things mattered. None of these things DID anything for me.

I need ACTION. I need to stop yakking and get off my butt and exercise. Move. Breathe. Come alive. Save the pep talk, please. Just do it. (Yay, NIKE. Thanks for the slogan.)

This week I’ve started back in with my cardio training program but haven’t really kept up any nutrition plan. I weighed myself last week on Sunday. 178 lbs.

I’ll do weight and measurements this Sunday and get a fresh start on things. Back with logging my food. It really was a great tool that helped me out, before. I took some “before pictures” and they are filed on my desktop in a folder labelled “WHY”. Another reason WHY I need to work out. That girl in those photos isn’t me.

Tonight I did some HIIT cardio. 5 min warmup, 6 sets of intervals at 5,6,7,6,7,6 mph respectively. My body really almost tanked it on the last 7 mph. I could get all upset about how much ground I’ve lost, but I think I’ll stay positive and choose to think about how quickly I will respond to the training I’m doing. I’ll be back where I was soon. I followed cardio with 4 sets of 6 pushups and 12 air squats. Ab work and stretching after that. It was a good workout; even if it was kindof thrown together hastily. I think I’ll feel it in the morning!

{April 25, 2007}   AAARRRGGHHHHHH!!

OK, tomorrow is a clean slate.

Great personal and financial upheaval + no time to breathe because of trying to sell home = Eating everything that isn’t nailed down and not exercising.

Sucks to be me.

{April 16, 2007}   April ’07 Stats

Bodyweight:  166 lbs

Neck: 13-1/4″

Right Arm:  12.25″ relaxed; 13.25″ flexed

Left Arm: 12″ relaxed; 13″ flexed

Chest: 38″

Waist @ 1″ above belly button: 33″

Hips: 38″

Right Thigh: 26″

Left Thigh:  25″

Right Calf: 14.5″

Left Calf: 14.25″

Weight lost:  5lbs           Inches lost:  7.125″

  Overall, I am pretty pleased with this, even though it was a three week time frame rather than the standard of two weeks.  Being so sick was a pretty huge setback as workouts are one pretty important component of weight loss.  I think the fact that I kept up with proper nutrition during that time was a great help to moving forward.  It wasn’t long ago that a one week bout of illness would have resulted in a 5-8lb weight GAIN for me, as I would comfort myself with treats and easy, fast, food.

So, all in all I look at this as a huge step forward for me.  With two fresh, brand new weeks in front of me, I can only take the challenge to keep up the momentum so that I can post another good set of numbers next time.

{April 11, 2007}   Tuesday, April 11/07


Meal #1 : Two eggs “fried” in nonstick pan… yes… again with the ketchup.  It’s a tragic flaw, I know.

Meal #2: Fuji Apple, small amount of almonds.

Meal #3:  Picked at a green salad topped with taco beef and salsa.  Really didn’t eat that much.

Meal #4: Broiled chicken breast, green salad, small amount of basmati rice with roasted almonds and red sauce.  (Yummy!)

** We enjoyed the hospitality of some friends tonight.   A great end to a great day.  I know that rice isn’t on my “regular” food list, but the almonds looked delightful and, well, I made an informed decision.  I did, however, pass on the nachos and cheese dip later in the evening with nary a qualm.  I really can only marvel at the changes in my attitude towards food.  I’m honestly at a bit of a loss.

{April 10, 2007}   Land, ahoy.

I didn’t weigh and do my measurements as planned this Sunday.  I’m actually pretty certain that my body has changed over the past two weeks, but the sudden appearance of a particular Visitor prompted me to go lock the scale in a closet.

Yes, the S.S. Crimson Tide has docked.

I’ve quickly learned that my body is pretty much just made up of bones, organs and, apparently… sponge.  Cause the moment that junket lands aground, I swell up to no end.  My stomach is bloated.  My ankles are puffy.  I am a picture of serene feminine beauty… NOT!

So, the scale — she is locked until next Sunday.

Also, I’ll be out of town from Wednesday onwards to Sunday.  I might be able to post remotely, but then… I might be having too much fun with my family and friends (and yes… the treadmill and drop-in gym pass) to do so.  Rest assured that I will be a well-behaved cavegirl.  I have a Measurements date to keep, after all!

See you on the flip side!

{April 9, 2007}   Monday, April 9/07


Meal #1 : Pan scramble w/ one egg, smoked turkey, onions and red peppers.

Meal #2: Grilled chicken salad w/ 2 tbsp honey mustard dressing.

Meal #3:  6 meatballs.

Meal #4: Broiled chicken breast, stir fry zucchini, carrots, squash.

HIIT workout:

10 mins warmup at 3.0 mph and then 6 sets of 6/7/8/6/7/6 mph respectively and a 90 second recovery at 3.0 mph. Finish with a 5 minute cool down and stretching.

*OK, this is feeling better.  I’m working up to some sprinting speeds and it went well.  I didn’t fall off the treadmill or otherwise embarrass myself.


Max rounds in 20 minutes.

2 pull ups, 3 push ups, 4 squats @15lbs.

17 rounds.  I had two minutes left to go, but my right shoulder was really hurting during the pull ups and I wasn’t sure what to do.

Followed by stretching upper and lower body.

{April 7, 2007}   Saturday, April 7/07


Meal #1 : Two egg omelette w/ smoked turkey, onion and red pepper.

Meal #2: skipped.

Meal #3:  Chicken souvlaki, steamed broccoli.

Meal #4:  Fuji apple

Meal #5: TexMex chicken, spinach salad (spinach, red onion, orange segments, cashews, raspberry vinaigrette), small handful of tortilla chips.

* Last night my Princess got the stomach flu.  I got my period.  Needless to say there was no working out today.

{April 6, 2007}   Friday, April 6/07


Meal #1 : Two eggs over easy, 1 tsp ketchup, Fuji apple.

Meal #2: 12 almonds, five strawberries.

Meal #3:  5 meatballs, medium banana.

Meal #4: skipped

Meal #5: 4oz. chicken souvlaki, greek salad, 1 pc homemade baklava (***oh emm geee it was soooooo good!)

HIIT workout:

10 mins warmup at 3.0 mph and then 5 sets of 6.0 mph jogging for one minute and a 90 second recovery at 3.0 mph. Finish with a 5 minute cool down and stretching.

et cetera